Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Fine in 5 Easy Steps

Hardwood FloorHardwood floors are great! They give any room that touch of timeless elegance. But many people are discouraged thinking they’re hard to maintain. This article shares simple, easy tricks on how you can keep hardwood floors looking fine.

  1. Walk with care

Sand, salt, and dirt can damage your floor’s polish. While you can’t always tell people to take off their shoes prior to entering your home, you can always put doormats outside so people can clean their shoes. High heels can also damage hardwood floors, which can be unavoidable at parties. In cases like this, you can always contact wood floor contractor orange county ca to assess and fix any damage.

  1. Use felt pads

Hardwood floors look great in your dining room, says Use felt pads on legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to help prevent scratches.

  1. Dust regularly

Regular vacuuming and sweeping can keep your hardwood floors looking chic and shiny. If you want to use polishing products, do so with care. Some products contain acrylic wax which can result in buildups that can damage the wood. When in doubt, bring in the experts if you want to do some heavy cleaning or if you want to rejuvenate dull-looking hardwood floors.

  1. Clean with care

You can use plain soapy water to clean your hardwood floors but make sure your mop or cloth is not soaking wet. Water is the worst enemy when you have hardwood floors. If you’re using a mop, wring it out thoroughly before mopping in the wood grain’s direction. If you have waxed floors, mopping won’t help. Just use a vacuum to keep the dust away.

  1. Choose the right type of carpet

You can protect your hardwood floors with carpets but make sure you’re choosing the right type. The dye on your rugs and carpet can stain the wood. If the rugs have a plastic backing, it can also affect the wood’s finish. When in doubt, you can consult hardwood floor experts for recommendations.

Regular maintenance also includes addressing chips and scratches and cleaning dirt and grime immediately before it can affect the quality of your floors. Hardwood floors can be tricky to maintain but with these tips, you can keep looking in their best shape.