Making a Great First Impression: Maaximizing Your 7 Seconds

Make Great First Impression in AvonIf you want to make a positive impression that lasts, brace yourself — you only have seven seconds. First impressions are important, especially if you’re applying for a job or building connections. Because it’s also what people remember about you, establishing a positive one is ideal. While everyone knows the importance of a first impression, some miss the fact that the “first impression” is made within a seven-second window immediately after meeting someone. To make a good and lasting first impression, quick thinking on your part is necessary.

A Good Smile Helps

The dentists at believe that a beautiful and healthy smile establishes a sense of positivity. Since facial expressions are important, make sure that your smile says more in just mere seconds. Cheesy and false grins simply won’t make the cut. Your potential employers or partners will see through you and realize you’re just faking it. Instead, go for a candid and warm smile. Spend your seven seconds exuding an air of confidence and professionalism.

Introduce Yourself

Never assume the person opposite you knows your name, even if someone called you in a waiting room. Once you shake hands, immediately introduce yourself or reply with a courteous greeting if they do so first. Introductions break the tension between strangers and it also gives ideas of topics you can discuss. Introducing yourself also reduces the risk of talking about irrelevant subject matters or suddenly clamming up. Each second counts, so don’t waste your time babbling on about a random topic — start with an introduction and get to the point.

Speak Clearly and Confidently

Your tone dictates the impression you make within those seven seconds. This doesn’t mean you have to sound like Morgan Freeman, but then, sounding like a squeaky mouse isn’t an option either. What’s the point in introducing yourself if they can’t understand what you’re saying? Be confident when speaking and make sure you’re being appropriate and relevant. The goal is to make a lasting positive impression. Also, be mindful of your tone. People will take you more seriously if you speak in a clear voice.