Making It in Makati: The Love for Working at the Heart of the Metro

Office Spaces in MakatiThe idea of working in Makati is either a cliché or intimidating to most people; the former because the city has become the go-to workplace for most, and the latter due to the busy and expensive lifestyle. “It’s too sosyal for my life!” they say.

True enough, Makati boasts of the priciest services and pieces of real estate. A nice dinner for two or even a haircut is more expensive in the city.

Still, a lot of employees choose to make it in Makati. More businesses seek comfortable offices in the city, which results in the boost of office spaces for rent.

Why is that?

All Access Pass for Public Commuters

No matter where you live, Makati seems to be at the heart of it all. Since it's one of the country’s top districts, public commute should be no problem.

The city has access to different types of transportation. People living in the North or the South need not worry about going to work; jeeps, UV Express Services, and even buses come to the city through different routes. The extensive range of transportation guarantees an easy reach (despite the traffic you have to endure).

Abundance of Chill Out Spots

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than a chill-out session with friends or officemates. What makes working in Makati more awesome is the range of nearby bars and restaurants. No need to drive out to have a drink; all it takes is a few steps for chill time.

The city never runs out of recreational activities for both residents and workers. This entertainment hub offers a lot of activities for people who just want to unwind. If you’re not a big fan of Glorietta or Greenbelt, drop by Makati’s Jupiter area for affordable eats.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, Makati’s not all buildings and cars. During early mornings and after work hours, the city is the best place for long walks or jogs. Ayala Triangle isn’t just the perfect haven for foodies; the greenery and pathways pave the way for health fanatics to stay fit. The place also comes with benches where you could relax.

Working in Makati might be a cliché, but given the benefits, it’s no wonder most people would rather make it in Makati.