Mouthwash: Why Should It Be Part of Your Routine

Dental HygieneMouthwash does not seem like an important part of oral hygiene at first. You might be doing just fine with brushing with your regular toothpaste. Flossing may also be part of your nightly routine and so far your dental health is doing just fine. However, you may need more than that to maintain your dental health.

You've heard it several times: you should gargle with mouthwash. But have you ever wondered why your family dentist in Maryleborne has always advocated it as part of your dental hygiene?

Final Offense Against Bacteria

Not all plaque can go away just by brushing your teeth. Your brush may only take out the ones stuck on the surface of the enamel. Flossing takes care of the in between and removes those the bristles of the brush may not reach. Your mouthwash, on the other hand, eliminates those left behind by these two cleaning activities. Since it is in liquid form, it can sweep through corners and rinse away all the debris left in your mouth.

It's Not Just Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered why you may still have bad breath even if you brush regularly? It is due to bad bacteria clinging onto your gums, the internal walls of your mouth and the tongue. Brushing and flossing mainly concentrates their action on the teeth. You might be forgetting that bad bacteria may live anywhere in your mouth. Rinsing with a cup of mouthwash allows you to wash away the remaining threats to your dental health.

Keeping your teeth healthy takes considerable effort, but they don't need to take up too much time. Gargling with mouthwash takes a minute or so, but its effects more than makes up for it.