Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fear of the Dentist in Buckinghamshire

Woman undergoing sedation dentistry treatmentBooking a dental appointment for a check-up or cleaning is not a priority for many people, since they erroneously think that as long as they brush and floss their teeth regularly they can stay away from the dentist. However, some people are genuinely concerned about seeing the dentist, either because their teeth are in bad shape, or because they had an unpleasant dental experience in the past.

Dental phobia is a psychological condition that affects many individuals in the UK. Its source lies within an understandable but at the same time illogical fear of the dentist and what they represent. Every dentist in Buckinghamshire, including Garden View Dental Care, wants their patients to feel calm and comfortable when they are in the dentist’s chair. In order to achieve this, and make the practitioner’s job a whole lot easier, there are many options available.

Psychological support

A dentist in Buckinghamshire will be very accommodating with the fears and concerns of each patient. Some of them even offer psychological support. Once a patient recognises that their dental phobia stands in the way of great oral health and that there is something they can do about , they are more likely to start viewing the dentist as a friend rather than an enemy.

Patients who feel vulnerable or helpless in the dentist’s chair, can work on resolving this feeling with their dentist, who will make them feel at ease throughout any procedure. Some patients find that they are happily distracted by films or music during treatment, while others may benefit from talking with the dentist whenever possible.

Whatever the case, an experienced dentist in Buckinghamshire can help patients look into the origins of their dental phobia and gradually overcome it.

Dental support

Patients who have not visited a dentist for many years due to fear or anxiety may now find that the experience is more tolerable than it used to be. Modern dentistry is virtually pain-free since technological advances and new materials allow dentists to treat patients in the least invasive fashion possible. Moreover, sedation options such as oral sedation and IV sedation are offered to patients who are particularly anxious about a dental procedure.