Pearly Whites, Even After They’ve Gone Yellow

Woman with white teeth in a dentist chairBadly stained teeth can be a real dampener on confidence and when stain removing toothpaste won’t even touch it, what can be done to correct it? The answer is veneers. Receiving veneers in Sydney CBD is a relatively simple procedure and can create a lasting effect for teeth people would rather hide.

Where to Get Veneers

Most people require a consultation to assess suitability for treatment and to ensure another alternative wouldn’t create a better result. Once it’s clear that veneers in Sydney CBD are the way forwards, a treatment plan will be put in place and it’s a whistle stop dental chair tour to whiter teeth. Dental surgeries such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD offer this simple solution.

What Actually Happens on the Whistle Stop Tour

A fine layer of enamel is removed from the offending tooth or teeth. This ensures the veneer can fit snugly to the tooth to create a natural-looking cover. An impression is then made of the tooth and a temporary cap is made to protect the now exposed tooth.

Meanwhile, in the dental laboratory a perfect, permanent veneer is made from porcelain. Due to the look and feel of porcelain, once the veneer is in place, it will be almost impossible to tell the difference between the covered tooth and surrounding teeth.

A final appointment is then needed to remove the temporary cover and replace it with the veneer. The veneer is then bonded to the original tooth using dental adhesive.

What if I Want a Quicker Tour?

A cheaper and quicker option to porcelain veneers is the composite veneers in Sydney CBD. Once the tooth is stripped of the fine layer of enamel, resin is slowly built up in layers on the tooth. After each layer is applied, it’s then set using a UV light. The tooth is then fully rebuilt using multiple layers and is hard and ready to go as soon as a patient leaves the dentist. Composite bonding is cheaper but won’t be as long lasting as its porcelain brother.

Whichever option, the result is a clean new tooth that provides that pearly white smile once again.