Personal Preference Goes a Long Way When Choosing a Tennis Racket

A tennis player about to serveTennis is one summer sport that people keep coming back to. It’s almost like riding a bike. When you played it when you were younger, you can easily go back and play it at any time in your life.

Pro shops and other sports stores like the Pedigree Ski Shop believe it is never a bad time to go back to playing the sport.

Necessary Equipment

Of course, when going to tennis, a player needs a tennis racket. For all intents and purposes, this is the extension of the player’s arm. It is also the weapon of choice necessary to play the game. For those who are returning to the sport, they would either go back to their favorite type of racket.

There are several categories to choose from. The oversized head is usually the choice of beginners. It was a novelty when it first came out and achieved a level of success. Nowadays, beginners like it because of its large sweet spot and very forgiving nature.

The midsize head is usually the racket of choice of professionals and serious players. It allows the player more control over the frame. It also requires a more practiced hand to be able to best use it. The so-called standard-sized heads are now obsolete. These have the small head size of old wooden rackets.


The different racket body parts have a bearing on how a player plays the game. The grip is where the player holds the racket. Choosing a grip is a matter of personal preference. Overall length is another factor based on preferences.

Longer rackets have a longer reach, and have more power, especially for the serve. Longer rackets also require more player control. Rackets are continuously losing weight due to advances in technology. Heavy rackets can cause early fatigue and have less control but more power.

Tennis is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Choosing the right racket is the first step in enjoying the game.