Preparing for Healthy Multiple Births

Pregnant Woman in a ClinicIf you are pregnant, it is highly important to visit your doctor frequently to have a healthy pregnancy. Note that women with multiple babies may need to have more appointments with their healthcare provider that those with single babies.

It is also important to find professionals experienced in handling multiple births. Pregnancy doctors and specialists in Pleasant Grove share a few tips in staying healthy when pregnant with multiples.

Focus on nutrition

Carrying additional fetuses means that you need to increase your intake of all the needed nutrients. You will need extra calcium, protein, iron, zinc, and other vitamins. It is also important to take folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. You should take your prenatal vitamins every day.

Know about weight gain

With multiple pregnancies, expect that you will gain more weight than mothers who carry a single fetus. This will still depend on your weight before conceiving and the number of children that you will have. Note the each fetus may require you to eat additional 300 calories.

Talk to your doctor about meeting nutritional requirements.

Do some gentle exercises

Light physical activities are beneficial to protect your body from pains and tone your muscles. Good exercise options include walking, swimming, and antenatal yoga. It is best to talk your doctor about your desire to work out.

Be sure to avoid resistance and weight training, as well as exercises that will need you to lie flat on your back.

Work with your partner

Hormonal changes can cause frequent mood swings and discomfort. Talk to your partner and let him know what you are feeling. They can be of great help by making sure you feel at ease and comfortable. Open communication and understanding can help you and your partner have a healthy pregnancy.

Get the right team

Multiple births can cause worry and anxiety, especially in the last months of pregnancy. You can have the best assurance with right support network by your side. Ask your doctor about delivery options and the factors that affect the safety of each method. Being knowledgeable can help you prepare better.

Strive to have the healthiest pregnancy possible with these tips. Talk to your healthcare provider for other advice in a successful pregnancy.