Prevalence, Symptoms and Risk Factors for Neurological Disorders Revealed

MRI of the BrainMillions of people are affected by neurological disorders today. These disorders affecting the brain and other components of the human nervous system comprise eight percent of the global health burden today.

Common Neurological Disorders

Some of the most common disorders of this nature are the cerebrovascular disorder (CVA) or stroke, epilepsy, migraine, and dementia. Other conditions that fall under the category are memory disorder, brain tumors, aneurysm, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and peripheral neuropathies. These conditions are brought to the attention of an experienced medical practitioner of neurology in American Fork for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management of symptoms and complications.

What Are the Signs of Nervous System Damage?

Symptoms arising from problems originating from the nervous system differ depending on the part of the nervous system that incurs damage. Signs of disorders of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves differ markedly from signs due to lesions of the brain. The brain itself is composed of different areas that manifest with varying abnormalities of movement and behavior when injured. The connections between the different parts may also be prone to dysfunction further complicating the presenting symptoms.

Who Are at Risk?

Young children, the elderly, and adults in some line of work are at risk for brain injury. The vulnerability of children and older persons makes them prone to trauma involving the head and neck. Meanwhile, adults working in high-risk environments or in areas threatening them with exposure to noxious substances are at risk as well.

Another risk factor is family history, which figures importantly in conditions such as stroke and degenerative brain disease. In the meantime, genetics play an important role in tumors, aneurysm, and mental illness.

Getting Help

Fortunately, neurological disorders are the subject of numerous research studies in many parts of the world. Every day, breakthroughs in stroke management and rehabilitation make it possible for those who suffer from the disorder to expect a better prognosis.

Neurological disorders are complex medical issues with a wide range of symptoms. Learn about your risk and know what you can do now to lower it.