Proposal Speech 101: What to Say Before You Ask Your Partner to Marry You

a newly engaged couple“Will you marry me” is probably one of the most romantic things you’ll ever say to your partner in the course of your relationship. However, know that what you say before those four words matters, too. Think of the proposal speech as a series of micro-romantic moments leading up to the Big Romantic Moment when you finally pop the question and the ring. Here are some ideas to get you started on your passionate speech:

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

You can start by reminiscing about the time you first laid eyes on each other. You’ve probably talked about this many times in the course of your relationship. However, this time, be a little more detailed about what you felt. Were you intimidated or excited? Tell him or her if you didn’t feel anything special at first, only to realize that there was something more. Proposal speeches are heartwarming because they’re raw emotions unraveling. Hence, pour your heart out.

Talk about the Future

If you don’t want to look back, then you can probably look forward. What do you hope to do together in the future? Raise two kids and dogs? Live in the country that you love? Let your partner know that they’re on your mind when you think about what’s ahead. Also, while you’re looking forward, anticipate how he or she will feel when you present the ring. This will help you search for the perfect jewelry. If your partner loves personalized pieces, go for custom jewelry. Salt Lake City experts can offer suggestions on ring designs that will match your partner’s personality and reflect your future together.

Express Your Affection

Highlighting your partner’s positive characteristics can also be the starting point of your proposal speech. Emphasize his or her resilience through the trying times of your relationship. Don’t leave out the physical attributes as well. What made you attracted to him or her in the first place?

Remember, the buildup to the Big Romantic Moment is essential. Don’t neglect the little details. Best of luck in nailing that speech!