Reverting Hair Loss: Get Right to the Cause

Hair LossHair loss is a normal occurrence in men as they age. It becomes a problem, however, when it happens earlier in life. Even women may not be immune to hair loss. While this problem does not present any danger to your health, it may heavily affect your self-esteem. Losing hair drastically changes your look, especially when they come in patches.

You may have tried several oils or shampoos telling you that you can grow your hair out in a few weeks. Ultimately, nothing can help you unless you go through some cosmetic procedure. Before you visit a hair transplant clinic in London, though, you need to know first why you might be losing your hair this early. 

Here are some possible reasons:


Stress-induced hair loss is real. You might think these two things are not related to one another but studies have shown that an increase in stress levels throws the body's system off balance. Extreme stress, whether in the workplace or life in general, may cause shedding of hair. This is because nutrients are not getting to the right places that may help maintain good skin and hair.

Excessive Styling

If your work demands you that you style your hair all the time, you might be in danger of losing your hair altogether. Exposing them to harsh temperatures and chemicals causes your weave to become weaker every time. The more damage it gets, the more difficult it is to grow properly and recuperate. You might want to switch to natural methods in styling to prevent constant damage on your hair.

When you find yourself overdoing these causes of hair loss, the answer to it might just be changing your habits. Lessen your stress at work by planning or simply not taking on jobs you above your capabilities. Love your hair and treat it better for it to last.