Sensitive Smile Restorations at the Barnsley Cosmetic Dentist

Before and after dental treatmentCosmetic dentistry is on the rise in the UK, due to 4 trends. Firstly, society is increasingly image-conscious, and having a selfie-ready smile at all times is a necessity for certain age groups. Secondly, more and more people are spending time and money on taking care of their own well-being, including their psychological health. Having a smile to feel proud of can definitely raise the self-esteem. Thirdly, cosmetic treatments are more widely available. Time was, patients would have to travel to a big city to get their teeth whitened. These days, every high street dentist offers it. And finally, the cost of cosmetic dentistry has fallen in the last decade, in line with its growth in popularity.

All this means the cosmetic dentist in Barnsley is in greater demand than ever. Local surgeries, such as PDC Dental, now offer a wide range of cosmetic options, including veneers, teeth whitening and gum contouring.

For patients looking for a fully-rounded service, a great option is a smile makeover. This combines 2 or more treatments to bring out the natural beauty of the smile.

Being a cosmetic dentist in Barnsley is an art as much as a science. For a smile makeover, the dentist takes a step back, looks at the patient’s mouth, teeth and gums as a whole, and sees what changes will create a more harmonious smile. This includes offering treatments that are age-appropriate. For example, bright white teeth don’t look great next to skin of a certain age. A sensitive cosmetic dentist in Barnsley takes this into account and suggests a subtle whitening treatment, to perk up the look of the teeth, without creating a blinding effect.

Cosmetic treatments also need to be done in a certain order. For example, restorations such as veneers and replacement crowns must be fitted after teeth whitening, because porcelain can’t be whitened. The new teeth must be colour-matched to the whitened teeth. The capable cosmetic dentist in Barnsley will factor this into the smile makeover plan and create an appropriate schedule.

Rather than attempting to copy a Hollywood smile, the best cosmetic dentist in Barnsley will look for a bespoke, tailored solution, that brings out the best in each individual patient’s smile.