Sentosa: Where the Fun and Learning Never Stop

Exploring Sentosa Island SingaporeSpending a summer in Singapore opens up an endless world of possibilities. Entertainment comes in many forms and sizes, spread throughout the city – the Marina Bay, the Merlion, the Singapore Art Museum, to name a few.

If you’re looking for something new and fun for the kids, KidZania SG recommends exploring Sentosa and its many wonders. From kick-starting their career path to interacting with sea animals, your kids will know what it’s like to have fun while learning.

When Learning Meets Playtime

Growing up in the tech era, it’s no surprise kids today have shorter attention span. Parents and teachers have to cope with their special demand for learning and offer something other than ‘conventional’ education.

Children were conditioned to think that learning is when the fun stops and the hour of dread begins. Thankfully, with modern innovative efforts to create a dynamic learning experience, we finally get educational tactics missing in the past.

A good example is KidZania, an educational theme park in Sentosa. Kids can experience real-life scenarios that go a little beyond your usual role play. In 80 activity centres, they get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a fireman, a pilot, a nurse, a journalist, and nearly any profession you can think of.

More than the excitement of playing pretend it allows kids to discover their personal interests and possible career paths in the future.

Sports, Recreation, and Learning

Recreation is proven to improve your child’s ability to absorb information and reduce stress. This makes interaction and participation important parts of modern learning.

For example, Kids Club, an educational programme in Sentosa, allows kids to explore and play, involving scavenger hunts, interaction with animals, clay painting and interactive storytelling sessions. Like KidZania, it offers an environment that nurtures their imagination, creativity, and imagination.

Thanks to modern educators, kids get a chance to appreciate art, science and technology the way they never had before. Despite living in an age of smartphones and Wi-Fi passwords, we’re also living in a world where the best kind of education is within reach.