Signs that You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Dental CareAlso known as endodontic therapy, a root canal treatment removes the nerve and pulp of an infected tooth. It is a kind of oral surgery that prevents the decaying of an inflamed, cracked or broken tooth. Many people that experience extreme toothaches think that they need a root canal treatment; however, it is ideal to seek the advice of a dentist and check for the following symptoms.

A Recurring Toothache

A tooth pain does not always indicate the need for a root canal treatment, but if it recurs for weeks or months, then an oral diagnosis is ideal. The recurring pain may be sharp, extreme or dull, depending on the posture and activity of the patient. It may also be sporadic, especially when it receives pressure from chewing or biting. The pain’s discomfort may be severe enough to disturb a person while sleeping, which is why dentists in Southampton recommend seeking professional care immediately.

Tooth Discolouration

We all know that drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes cause tooth discolouration. This, however, may also be a result of an infected tooth root. When your tooth becomes dark yellow, grey or black for no apparent reason, then there have been changes in its nerves. A sharp pain near the gum line is also probable.

Swelling of Gums

When a certain part of the gums turn red and has become more tender than the usual, a tooth adjacent to it may need a root canal treatment. Gum swelling caused by a root infection may be unnoticeable or obvious like a lump. In some cases, it may even extend into the face together with a recurring pain. If the pus that causes the swelling drains off, a bad taste will occur in the mouth. When this happens, spit the saliva and pus immediately.

Root canal treatments are necessary, especially if the infection has spread all over your mouth. A proper examination, however, is important before undertaking the oral surgery. Ensure the wellness of your tooth by visiting a trusted dentist.