Soup Know-How: What are the Qualities of a Good Beef Stew?

Beef StewHighly nutritious and not to mention yummy, a beef stew is an incredible meal that you can serve for dinner during those wintry nights, and when you’re simply craving for comfort food. It’s even healthier when it utilizes a beef bone cut, which contains the right nutrients to help improve your immune system and joint health. 

So how does one get the stew right? Let us count the ways:

The cut

Making sure that you choose the best beef cut is integral to the success of your stew. A good cut, according to Serious Eats, should be rich in collagen, such as the chuck, which is the meat around the cow’s shoulder; short ribs, or oxtail. The more the collagen, the thicker the soup, so choose wisely. But you can’t usually go wrong, in terms of flavor and texture, when it comes to the aforementioned cuts.

The stock

Another important aspect that a cook should pay attention to is the color of the stock. According to Outlander Kitchen author Theresa Carle-Sanders, a good stock (in this case, a beef stock) should have a rich, but balanced color. Obviously, the amount of vegetables put in will darken the stock, so it is wise to not put too much of one kind. For a nice brown stock, the key is to brown the bones first before putting them in, as well as some tomato paste, Carle-Sanders advised.

The flavor

Custom Culinary knows that the best beef base is one that has the right amount of sodium and spices. According to website Mama Bake, spices, in particular, have a profound effect on your stew’s “flavor profile.” Be careful on how much spice you throw in and make sure that you add it to hot oil first before the vegetables, the website said. Mama Bake also offers some tips on how to make your stew taste Asian or Middle Eastern.

There are more ways on how to better your beef stew, but the things we mentioned are the most common things you should take note of. Do you remember the best beef stew that you had in years? Share its qualities with us in the comments’ section.