Starting Your Medical Practice 101

doctors analyzingMedicine school is by far the longest and most grueling years of one’s life. Though the promise of a good profession and salary in the future is tempting, studying the course will take you long years of sleepless nights and difficult exams. This does not include the hospital duty hours you need to complete before you can graduate.

Graduating from medical school is just the start of a new journey. It would be harder but it will help hone your skills and knowledge further. This will prepare you to become a competent physician shortly.

What Happens After Med School?

A student needs to have a pre-medicine course before he or she is allowed to take medicine. That’s about four years of pre-medicine course and another four years in medicine. After med school, a medicine graduate needs to finish one year of medical internship to be able to take the physician licensure examinations.

After passing the licensure examinations, a medicine intern can now be called a medical doctor. However, the hardship and sleepless nights do not end there. The doctor needs to undergo rigorous training in residency in the line of specialization he or she wants. For instance, the doctor can take internal medicine or surgery, depending on his or her skills.

Looking For A Job After Residency

In some cases, most doctors would pursue fellowship and their diplomate examinations after residency. However, the others can now look for jobs that can serve as training grounds for their line of specialty. Locum physician jobs are popular for doctors who want to be trained in their field. In these jobs, the doctors can be designated in various hospitals and clinics, depending on the staffing needs.

Being a doctor entails being able to surpass the long years of training and studying. That’s why it is important to pay the respect doctors deserve because they went through hard times just to be trained to treat their patients and save lives.