Strong is Sexy: An Introduction in Muscle Building

Muscle BuildingFit is the new sexy. When you scroll down your Instagram feed you’ll see that there is a special place for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. It is as if everyone is hopping into the wagon of getting fit, not just for their feed, but for the total life transformation of being healthy.

But workout selfies are not the only ones that have been taking the spotlight, healthy food options anyone? Healthy eating never looked so good with pretty flattering photos of salads and hipster overnight oatmeals in mason jars. But there is one food group that’s dear to the heart of gym goers and health enthusiasts alike- the protein group.

Protein for Muscles

Gone are the days of the monopoly of body image. Today, variation is no longer a foreign word in the dictionary of the healthy body. More people are leaning towards a strong, well-toned body – regardless whether you’re on the curvy or petite side. Muscle building has become the real deal in getting fit and toned.

There are still people who dread the idea of building muscles because of the fear of getting bulky, but its welcome surprise that many people already quashed that idea and is more on building muscle to melt the fat away. The principle behind this is to create new cells by destroying the old ones. When training a specific muscle group, muscle fibers get damaged. In order for the body to adapt, there is a high demand to create new cells to repair the damage. This is where muscles are formed, trained, and strengthened.

Working out is not the only way to get toned muscles, muscles are also built in the kitchen. You are probably familiar that protein is muscle’s best bud. To build muscles you should prioritize protein-rich foods. You can center your diet of fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, and other protein supplements.

Protein is also a well-rounded food group, if you try to check sports nutrition stores you’ll see a whole aisle dedicated to other forms of protein supplement. There is something for every lifestyle. Protein powdered drink as the ultimate on-the-go source of protein is gaining prominence in the fitness world. There are numerous ways to use protein powders in order for your body to refuel and meet your protein requirements of the day. When looking for protein supplements and other sports nutrition items, go for the legit trusted companies to make sure that what you’re fueling your body is made from high-quality ingredients.

Lift and Scoop

Fitness is not just losing weight. Muscle building not only builds muscle but it also builds discipline and commitment to fuel your body with the right foods and do quality workouts. So lift that weight and scoop that protein powder for a leaner, toned body.