The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign TreatmentInvisalign is not magical. It’s going to straighten your teeth, but it’s not going to work on its own. At the end of your treatment, your customised invisible braces will leave you with that captivating smile you’ve always wanted. What it will not do, though, is remain effective without your regular oral care routine.

Here are five dos and don’ts of living with Invisalign.

1. Do brush and floss. Wearing Invisalign doesn’t save you from getting tooth decay. While you can eat any food like with Invisalign, MiSmile recommends brushing and flossing before putting back the clear aligners. It is also advisable to remove your aligners before chewing gum or smoking.

2. Don’t forget to clean your aligners. You can use the cleaning kit specifically for Invisalign, or just brush and rinse the invisible braces in lukewarm water. It’s important to clean your aligners so they don’t stain. The stain makes your once ‘invisible’ aligners visible. When you clean your aligners, you also keep it from smelling.

3. Do take good care of your aligners. When you take it out, make sure you have a proper place to put it in. Take out your invisible braces before playing contact sports. You don’t want to damage your aligners. Carefully remove, and never roughly handle clear aligners; ask your dentist for a proper way of taking off Invisalign.

4. Don’t neglect dental appointments. Your dentist needs to replace your clear aligners every two weeks. The new aligner, however, is not the sole reason for your regular dental visits. Your dentist will also examine your progression with the treatment. Your dentist may ask about the fit and discomfort, if any, to ensure the treatment is going well.

5. Do follow your dentist’s advice on wearing a retainer. You may have to wear a retainer at the end of your Invisalign treatment. A treatment usually ends after a year or so. A retainer after this treatment ensures that your teeth will remain stable in their new position.

Invisalign is a good option to correct underbites, overbites and crooked teeth. The innovative treatment works, but you still need to follow a routine. When done right, your Invisalign will leave you with a million-dollar smile.