The Benefits Dental Implants Will Bring to Your Life

The Benefits of Dental ImplantsContrary to popular belief, tooth loss is not just an issue for the older generation. People of any age can suffer from missing teeth, and the most important thing is not why you lost them, but how you choose to replace them.

There are numerous causes of tooth loss, with gum disease and dental decay being the main culprits. Injuries involving the head, face, or mouth can also result in teeth being knocked out, and whilst a dentist can sometimes reinsert knocked out teeth, this is not always possible, and a tooth replacement will be needed.

The importance of replacing lost teeth can never be overstated. If you don’t, you risk your oral and general health, because your remaining teeth will move into gaps, becoming misaligned, twisted, and harder to keep clean – leading to a range of dental hygiene issues and a build-up of dangerous dental plaque

Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic in Farnham recommends dental implants in the majority of tooth loss situations. Unlike standard bridges or dentures, dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth. This has two key benefits: first, your new teeth will be held in place securely, giving you back all the function of natural teeth; secondly, implants integrate with the jaw bone, helping to prevent bone loss.

A loss of bone density is a common side-effect of losing several or all of your natural teeth. Without the tooth roots in place, the jaw bone starts to resorb. It is this bone shrinkage that causes common problems with the fit of traditional dentures, leading to:

  • Difficulty eating anything but soft foods
  • Changes to your speech, difficulty being understood
  • Issues with self-esteem, body image, and social life if dentures slip/fall out in public

Dental implants address all of these problems, keeping your dentures – or bridge or crowns – securely in your mouth so that you can eat what you like, speak with clarity and confidence, and never again have to worry about wayward teeth putting a dampener on your day.

Implants require a healing period of a few months, during which temporary teeth may be fitted so you aren’t left toothless. After healing is complete, permanent teeth will be attached.