The Family that Smiles Together Stays Together

Dentists from Sioux Falls, SDIs it not part of a family’s daily morning routine to have breakfast together? One can visualize daddy drinking his coffee and reading the paper as mommy eats a sandwich while watching her morning talk show. Big sis sips on her tea while taking a snap and baby bro slurps on the milk in his bowl of cereal. The scenario is a picture of a happy family at the breakfast table, right?

You’d be surprised to find out, though, how some of these daily habits can stain your teeth. The caffeine and tannin in coffee and tea, along with the sugar content in cereals, damage the enamel on the teeth. This gradually causes discoloration and teeth staining.

So, how can a family recover their happy smiles?

Teeth Whitening

family dentistry in Sioux Falls, SD explains that over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening kits are unreliable and can even deal more damage than just stained teeth. There have been a number of reports on how teeth whitening kits have caused damage to one’s teeth and gums, so much so that they needed facial restructuring procedures.

When it comes to your health, dental or otherwise, leave it to a professional. Dentists suggest that professional whitening treatment is quicker, safer, and more effective. How so?

Approved by the Authorities

The American Dental Association (ADA) Council has been monitoring the development of tooth whitening products, services, and treatments. Commonly, there are two ways to whiten the teeth:

  1. Bleaching through the use of products containing peroxides, which remove deep-seated and surface stains.
  2. Non-bleaching products, on the other hand, involve the use of agents that remove surface stains through physical or chemical methods.

The ADA advises the public that these whitening products can, and should only be, administered by dentists in their clinics or dispensed for home use.

It always helps to remember that going to your dentist and seeking professional advice on dental treatment is any family’s safest bet. Seeing a dentist who can provide dental care for your whole family is a dentist you can trust to keep your smiles bright and happy—with tender, loving care.