The Inconvenient Reality: Signs of an Impending Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Treatment in Los AngelesThat throbbing toothache always bothers you that you have learned to ignore it until it fades away. Little did you know that the pain was trying to tell you something. When it comes to your oral health, you have to listen to what your teeth is telling you for those minor issues may rapidly become huge and expensive problems. To determine the difference between a minor issue and a huge one that needs an emergency cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, refer to the list below.

You burned the roof of your mouth a month ago… and it’s still there.

Everybody has experienced having their mouth scratched, bit or burnt before. You consumed that warm savory soup too fast that you burned your tongue. You munched on a crispy chip the wrong way that it pierced your gums. You even bit your cold sore accidentally too many times. Even though oral abrasions, cuts, and burns are really painful, they aren’t normally classified as a dental emergency. If it doesn’t heal in two weeks, you should see your doctor immediately for your mouth supposedly heals quickly.

Your fever still hasn’t healed.

Remember that every time you have a cold, you’re trying to fight off an infection. If you have both a fever and a cold, then you might have tooth abscess or gum infection. A low-grade fever and a chronic headache accompanied by a toothache that lasts for over a week mean that you have to see your doctor immediately.

You’ve had a throbbing headache for a month already.

Headaches stem from a number of factors, but if you have a toothache along with it, then it might be related. The nerves in your head and teeth are cross connected in your brain. Explain clearly to your dentist that you have both at the same time, so he doesn’t disregard it.

It is essential that you know the difference between a minor pain that you wait to heal and a major one that might cause future complications. Get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible if you can’t tell the difference.