The Profitable Benefits of Investing in Burial Plots

Cemetery in East LondonYou've heard of selling your house to get good returns for it. Well, there's a whole new trend of selling burial plots to make a profit. Shocking as it may sound; making a killing by investing in cemetery space is quite possible these days. Here's how you can get started.

Buy Pre-Selling

This works the same way as you would condominium units when still in their pre-selling stage. You pay for just a little over half the amount you would for the normal cost of most East London cemetery plots while the graveyard is still being developed. You're basically investing in property that would eventually sell at two to three times the amount you originally paid for.

This kind of investment approach capitalises on the fact that there's an ongoing cemetery crisis in the UK, what with several cemeteries already on the verge of being overcrowded and even closing down. True, there would be a few years' wait for a proper ROI. However, since death and dying will never go out of style, you'll still eventually earn in the end (pun unintended).

Start Re-Selling

This applies when you've already bought your personal burial plots a few years ago and now can sell it for three to four times the original amount it was originally worth. The first reason for the appreciation is that all real estate will eventually rise in price, even your cemetery space, given the fact that land is always a limited commodity. The second reason is that the land has been fully developed by the time you've decided to sell, making your pricing fully justifiable.

Many would question the wisdom of this decision since it also means giving up your final resting place. However, cremation is a respectable alternative and can be had for a fraction of the amount paid for a burial plot.

Death is inevitable, which is why many are willing to invest in it. However, do ask for expert investment advice before jumping the burial bandwagon. Remember, study and assess your investment options first, just like any businessman should.