These Ideas Help You Find the Right Photo Shoot Location

Photographer looking for the best location to shootYou may already have an SLC photography professional in mind, but the photographer is only a part of the equation. You’ll need to shoot a location that represents your personality and the narrative you want to portray. Are you an outdoorsy person? Would you prefer mid-afternoon or sunset lighting? These are just some of the factors that enable you to choose the right photo shoot venue.

A photographer based in Salt Lake City cites the following things you need to consider when choosing a location.

Possible Shelter and Power Sources

One unpredictable factor of photo shoots is the weather; you’ll never know when it will rain or it’s going to be a sunny day throughout. Rainy days are dangerous for photographers and their equipment such as lights, power outlets, and others. Choose a location that has a shelter for such potential problems or if you can set a temporary one up at the venue. Are there available power sources in the area? Some equipment may need sockets or will need charging during the shoot.


Is the location accessible by public transport or by private vehicle? This is a small detail that you can’t overlook because the photographer has to bring equipment to the site. You’ll need to know how long it takes to get there, the road conditions or if you’ll need to walk part of the way.

Natural Lighting

Light is an important aspect of any photo shoot; it can change the mood of the picture and create a certain ambiance. Natural light produces authentic pictures. This is why the venue you choose must allow the photographer to make full use of it. Natural light adds texture to photos and also produces natural-looking shadows that bring out the best in the subject.

These are some of the factors to consider when choosing a venue for your photo shoot. The right location allows you to convey the message, personality, and story you want to viewers.