Tooth Loss and the Things to Watch Out For

Dental Implant TreatmentLosing milk teeth as a child is a normal thing. A more permanent set of teeth grow out of your gums to replace your old set. It is a part of growing up as your body matures and develops. When you experience tooth loss later in life, this becomes a problem. There are no longer new teeth waiting to replace the ones you lost. This is why you have to take better care of your dental health.

While you may get dental implants in Manchester dental clinics, noted that it is still better to keep your natural set intact. Knowing what causes tooth loss may help you take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening.

Gum problems

Do you find yourself bleeding all at once while brushing your teeth? You might already be suffering from weak gums or periodontal disease. Gums hold the teeth in place so when they become weaker, the teeth themselves may suffer as well. Periodontal disease may come from bad habits such as smoking or as a symptom of other existing diseases such as diabetes. Hormonal changes in pregnant women may also cause problems with your dental health.


Extreme physical activity can cause injury to a sensitive part of the body such as gums. Blunt trauma can knock tooth out of the gums or simply break teeth causing their pulp to be exposed. Engaging in activities such as boxing or martial arts put your dental health on the line. Direct blows to the face can cause tooth loss, which is why most people engaging in these activities wear protective equipment.

Taking better care of your overall health may help keep your teeth and gums in check. Avoiding extreme physical activities or wearing the proper equipment to protect yourself may also save you from the trouble of losing teeth.