Types of Decking Materials Used For Pontoon Boats

Aerial View of a BoatPontoon boats remain the best choice for partying, water sporting, and fishing. Most of them are made from an aluminum frame since this material is corrosion-resistant, soft, lightweight and durable. The deck which sits on this frame and holds all the components of your boat can, however, be made of different materials.

The pontoon boats for sale you will get in a Michigan store like D&R Sports Center (Boats Center) have their decks attached to the frame by using either bolts or self-tapping screws. You should have these screws and bolts regularly checked to keep them in proper shape. Here are the materials options you have for your pontoon boat’s deck.


There exist two types of plywood used for boat decks including marine-grade and treated plywood. Marine-grade plywood is strong, typically defect-free and lightweight but it needs a sealer to make it water-resistant. Treated plywood is generally the most durable deck material. It is however heavy and usually dangerous if it comes into contact with water and food meant for human consumption.

Composite Board

This is typically a blend of plastic and wood, but some manufacturers include glass strands, woven fiberglass and polyurethane foam in their mix. Composite board is maintenance-free, lightweight, easy to clean and does not warp. It, however, needs considerable support underneath since it can peel when sanded or pressure-washed. It is also highly susceptible to mold and mildew infestation.


This material is currently gaining popularity for pontoon boat decks. This might be primarily because vinyl is waterproof, sturdy, easy to install, skid-resistant and has a wood-like appearance. It is however generally the most expensive deck material option.

Regardless of your option from the above decking materials, you can customize it by adding a covering. The standard covering options for pontoon boat decks are artificial grass turf and carpets. The covers protect your boat’s decking material and significantly enhance its durability.