Understanding and Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Man Drinking AlcoholYou’ve probably heard of a friend, a family member or a colleague struggling with alcoholism. But how do you really know if someone has an alcohol problem? Alcoholism involves more than just drinking from time to time. It’s more of a physical and debilitating dependence on alcohol. Drinking is common in most cultures and it can be difficult to differentiate a social drinker and a problem drinker. Most often alcoholics will deny they have a problem.

Who is at risk of getting addicted to alcohol

There are a lot of factors that influence alcohol addiction. Issues such as social environment, one’s upbringing, genetics and emotional health could lead to dependence on alcohol. People with a family history of alcoholism are also more likely to develop this problem. Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression are also at risk as they use alcohol to calm their nerves down. It is also common for those that are suffering from grief to be at higher risk, and succumb to the enticing’s of alcohol.

Symptoms of alcohol abuse

Experts have made a distinction between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Alcohol abusers have a way of setting limits on their drinking habits. Nonetheless, their use of alcohol is destructive and dangerous. It's important to note that not all who drink liquor are fully blown alcoholics. However, there is a big risk for alcoholics.

Some of the signs you’ll notice in an alcoholic include:

  • Drinking as a way to self-soothe or de-stress
  • Continuing habit to drink even if the habit is causing cracks in their relationships
  • Neglecting their responsibilities at work, home and even school
  • Getting into trouble with the law due to drinking

Symptoms of alcohol dependence:

  • Lost control over one’s drinking habits
  • There is a will to quit drinking but they can’t stop
  • They spend most of their energy and focus on drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when one hasn’t drunk such as insomnia, fatigue, irritability, depression and anxiety
  • Drinking more than other people without getting drunk

Overcoming alcohol addiction

While alcoholism is not really cured, there are different ways to overcome it. The first step is to get professional help from an Oklahoma alcohol treatment center. A treatment center will help you tackle the problem straight up with the help of substance abuse experts. Joining an alcoholics anonymous group is also a great way to overcome alcohol addiction.

If you or your loved one have been affected by alcoholism, you need to get professional help. Visit an alcohol treatment center for counselling. Keep in mind that it will take time to recover from the addiction, but at the end of the day, it will be all worth it.