Ways to Help People with Depression

Teenage Girl Suffering with DepressionAbout 9 percent of adult Americans feel hopeless, sad, and guilty according to the CDC. These feelings of grief may lead to depression. In the US, 3% of adults experience major depression, which is a chronic, severe form of depression. It is the leading cause of disability among American adults aged 15 to 44. Providing personal support, psychotherapy, counseling, family therapy, grief support homes in Indiana offer different kinds of help for people with major depression. Here are four ways to help people get through their grief.

1. Listen and Encourage Treatment

The first and most important thing to do is to listen to them. Talk, provide assurance, and support. Moreover, encourage them to get treatment by explaining their condition. Assure that depression is normal and that seeking help would be the best treatment option. Give all the support your loved one needs and express your willingness to help them throughout the process.

2. Ensure that the Depression will not Get Worse

Grief may vary from person to person. Make sure to monitor and observe your loved one and make sure that their depression is being managed. Major depression could lead to other mental conditions such as schizophrenia and even suicide. Once you have observed that the depression is worsening, inform the doctor to change the treatment plan.

3. Take Action

Depression increases the risk of suicide. Make sure to monitor your loved one and provide the emotional support he or she needs. Take appropriate action by asking if you detect sign of suicidal thoughts. Seek help and inform the doctor to prevent any dangerous situations.

Provide Sincere Support

The best way to help other get through grief is to offer sincere help. Your presence would be monumental to your loved one’s full recovery. Psychologists and grief support homes also offer additional options for help.