What are the Options When it Comes to Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic DentistryLet’s look at a few of the dental procedures that might be offered by your cosmetic dentist. These days there is a lot of crossover between cosmetic, preventive and restorative dentistry as healthy teeth in good repair usually also look good but there are some treatments that are generally marketed as cosmetic.

Dental practices like Smylife in Manchester will often offer a service called a smile makeover which looks at the whole smile and offers small or large refinements to perfect it. This is as opposed to focusing on one or two teeth or a single enhancement such as teeth whitening. However, these treatment plans are still typically made up of one or more of the following techniques.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is generally achieved using a solution that contains a bleaching ingredient. This is held next to the teeth using custom made trays. A cosmetic dentist will take impressions of a patients teeth to have the trays made.

This kind of whitening is often done in the patient’s home and they are given the trays and solution to use. It normally takes 2 – 3 weeks and then will need topping up every few months depending on the teeth and lifestyle factors. A patient can often choose the shade they want their teeth whitened to so they can choose something that will feel natural for them.


If you have a crack, chip or even a small gap then veneers could be the solution. These small, very thin pieces of porcelain are carefully shaped to fit your teeth and then glued in place using a special dental adhesive. They are meant to stay in place permanently and can give an extra layer of protection to your teeth.

It is worth noting that whitening does not have an effect on veneers so, if you are combining treatments, your dentist is likely to get you to whiten first and then match the veneers to the shade you want your teeth to be.


Braces are an umbrella term for methods used to straighten the teeth. There are a number of options available in this area from traditional ‘train track’ braces to clear, removable aligners that fit over the top of the teeth.