What is Orthodontics?

OrthodonticsEverybody will have heard of the dentist, but do you know what an orthodontist is? Orthodontics are fully qualified dentists, who then study for a further three years to research further into how to fix problems relating to the appearance and the functionality of teeth. In particular they focus on issues related to crowding of teeth in the mouth, problems relating to jaw alignment such as underbites or overbites, protruding teeth or those pointing in the wrong direction, and general abnormal jaw development.

Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street is a good example of an orthodontist, providing a wide range of treatments to resolve the aforesaid problems. An orthodontist will begin their assessment by conducting a full examination of your jaw, utilising digital and 3D imagery to gain a better perspective as to the situation, and be able to see your mouth from many different angles. They are then able to identify any irregularities and recommend the best possible treatment.

An orthodontist helps to design and customise dental equipment such as braces to help fix the problem, and are trained to fit these properly inside your mouth. They will regularly check the equipment, alter and make adjustments when necessary. They keep detailed records of each patient to ensure that every tiny stage of change is monitored carefully to ensure the best possible results.

The options available

Each individual’s case is different, and what you are able to use is dependent on the severity of your issue. You will be recommended a type of brace. They come in many varieties. There are the traditional fixed braces, which are bonded to your teeth and are able to provide a straightening solution for the more complex cases. If your issues are relatively mild, you may be able to have either the clear, removable types of braces (for example, Invisalign), or lingual braces, which are placed behind your teeth so are completely hidden. For some types of braces, it is best to avoid very sticky or very hard foods as they can cause damage and misalignment to the braces.

Why not look into getting braces today and look forward to a straighter smile.