What to Give? Tiered Gift Choices for the Corporate World

Company Gift GivingIt is a given that giving gifts is a good business habit. However, giving the right gifts to your clientele and the members of your company matters greatly. Here are some suggested gifts that can show your company's gratitude and graciousness.


Being the backbone and the major workforce of your company, they deserve recognition for their great work. Encourage positivity and involvement between departments using a point reward system or any similar competitive program. Create an event to award outstanding employees. Victoria Park suggests renting any of Brisbane's well-known corporate function venues, so you don't have to worry much about preparations. Most of their staff knows how to hold special recognition events for deserving individuals.

Mid-level Management

Middle management takes pressure from both sides each day at the office. People from below want their job because they feel it’s easier and more glamorous, while people from above are constantly looking at their performance. Stress is a constant in their habitat. A celebration at a posh restaurant would be fitting, especially during birthdays or employment anniversaries. You can also consider awarding spa and resort holidays, so your managers can relax and cool down before they go back to the daily grind.


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Giving them something beyond a token and thank you gifts means you value their continued patronage with your company. Make it a bit more personal by asking their favorite singer or team then give them tickets to a final game or a major concert. Ask about their favorite author and give them a special edition hardbound—or even digital books. The same applies if they love artworks from a particular genre or artist.

The business of gift giving is an important aspect of maintaining good communication and continued connections. By knowing what to give to whom, you prove that you aren’t simply in this industry for profit, but because you and your company truly care.