Why You Should Take Care of Your Oral Health

Oral HealthYour oral health is something you should not take for granted. In fact, it should be given utmost care. Ugly teeth and toothache are not the only adverse effects of poor oral hygiene. You might be surprised to know that a number of medical complications are linked to teeth and gums.

The following are some effects of poor oral health that you are never told about: 

Heart problems

Studies show there is a close link between gum disease and coronary heart disease. It's still unclear why this happens. Researchers are speculating that bacteria from your mouth invades the bloodstream predisposing you to a number of health issues such as inflammation and even the risk of heart attack.

Memory loss

There are nerves that connect the brain with the mouth and an accumulation of bacteria in your oral cavity may easily spread to the brain. A recent study has found that people with fewer teeth are more likely to suffer from memory loss. Any infection to the brain immediately puts you at a high risk of all psychological problems.

Interfere with regulation of blood sugar

Scholars have recently established that gum disease interferes with the regulation of blood sugar. In fact, some people have been able to control diabetes symptoms after improving their oral health. Kids, particularly, may be at a greater risk. So it is important to regularly visit a pediatric dentist, says WalkerPediatricDentistry.com

Respiratory infections

Poor oral health may also affect the respiratory system. The bacteria may get access to the lungs, especially if you have a weak immune system. If the condition gets out of hand, then you may experience difficulties in breathing or even respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

Oral health should not be taken lightly. Some serious medical conditions are now being linked to poor oral hygiene. You cannot afford to avoid taking care of your teeth.