Yearning For Some Learning: 3 Awesome Things to Do in Summer Camp

Summer Camp in KearnsChildren always have the urge to go out and play outside. This is one of their own ways to explore the world and have fun learning from it. There are precautions that are needed, however, because the wilderness can be quite dangerous. This is where summer camps come in. They provide kids with the fun and experience that they need to grow, while giving parents an assurance that their little ones are safe.

If you're still unsure about summer camps in Kearns or anywhere in Utah, Smart Kids Development Center lists some awesome things your kids can do.

Basic Survival

Learning how to make fire with rocks or learning the basic knots are important when you want to learn to survive in the wilderness. Summer camps offer the basic things you need to look out for when you are outside. Your kids will learn the basics, such as gathering wood, making a tent, looking for fresh water, starting a fire, and protecting themselves in the wilderness, while having fun and not being in any specific danger.


The Earth is made of 70% water, and getting in large bodies of water without knowing how to float or move to safety can be a problem. Learning to swim is one of the most important skills to learn. In summer camp, they would teach you the proper swimming strokes and techniques to swim afloat or even how to save drowning people. This skill will not only prepare your little ones for the future, but also having the ability to save lives when the time comes.

Arts & Crafts

One of the best things for kids to learn at an early age is to be creative. Most kids today are addicted to their tablets or phones that they're rarely exposed to the wilderness or even have the skills to make things with their own hands. Learning arts and crafts teaches children the fun of not depending on technology. They would have the freedom to talk to other campers and express their emotions in their arts. This is a great way for kids to be themselves and grow up happy as can be.

Camping is a fun activity for you kids and with the lessons and values that they will learn there, it will stay to them up when they are older. The most important things you can give to your child is education and experience so go ahead and book your next summer camp here are Kearns.