You Just Didn’t Notice It: 3 Celebrities Who Wore Invisalign Braces

Dental Practice in HertfordshireMost people think that once they get past their teenage years, they could no longer fix their teeth – and their smiles. For many of them, it’s shameful to wear traditional braces when they’re already old. It can be traced back to the popular misconception that braces are only for the youngsters. Bow House a Centre of Dental Excellence, a Hertfordshire dental practice, says that many people don’t realise there are other methods, such as Invisalign braces, that can discreetly correct their teeth formation. Here are three celebrities who wore Invisalign braces while they were in the public eye:

1. Kate Middleton

As part of her dental treatment plan, the Duchess of Cambridge wore Invisalign braces for about six months before her wedding to Prince William. Her orthodontist recommended this treatment so she can flash a perfect smile during the biggest day of her life. No wonder Kate Middleton captured people’s hearts on that day!

2. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley, an English actress known for Atonement and Begin Again, always had a sweet smile, even when she had several shifted teeth. But, she decided to undergo Invisalign treatment to align some of her teeth and achieve a lovelier smile.

3. Cheryl Cole

In several interviews, Cheryl Cole admitted that she wears Invisalign braces as part of her makeover but she often forgets to wear it! Despite her occasional forgetfulness, this beautiful member of the girl pop group now dons a dashing smile. These three beautiful celebrities are perfect examples of how Invisalign treatment can improve your smile without wearing any visible wires or brackets. If celebrities didn’t fear to wear Invisalign, why would you? With this kind of braces, no one will notice you’re undergoing a dental makeover. People around you will just be surprised one day that you already have a perfect, gorgeous smile!